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[info]17_angel | Kaworu Nagisa | Neon Genesis Evangelion
[info]fightingforever | William Mendella | The Forever War
[info]futurefirelord | Zuko | Avatar: The Last Air Bender
[info]militaryotaku | Kensuke Aida | Neon Genesis Evangelion
[info]nonamedman | -- | The Man with No Name
[info]nukenin_kat | Chizu |
[info]redheadcarrier | Asuka Langley-Soryu | Neon Genesis Evangelion
[info]sdatislife | Shinji Ikari | Neon Genesis Evangelion
[info]wiktorwiktor | Pavel Chekov | Star Trek

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[info]bentleyed | Anthony J. Crowley | Good Omens
[info]eschatologist | Kaworu Nagisa | Neon Genesis Evangelion
[info]playthelead | Balthier | Final Fantasy: XII
[info]shootyourselves | Pharos | Persona 3
[info]wingsunrested | Arren | Tales from the Earthsea
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